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Dapper Decks Live More Outdoors

Decks today are more than just a place to throw a few burgers on the grill. A well-designed deck serves as an extended living area that reflects your lifestyle and adds value to your home. It’s fun to create a dashing deck you and your family will love for years to come. We’ve gathered few ideas together for inspiration!


Let your deck reflect who you are. Do you love flowers and soothing water sounds? Build in planters and integrate water features into the design, such as a bubbling fountain, versus adding these as an afterthought. Create wide stairs so you can place pots on them without cramping the stepping space. Or consider incorporating a zen garden as a focal point. If you like to party, design a deck with happy hour in mind featuring a built-in bar and countertop, icemaker, refrigerator, and storage for glasses, bottles, and mixing equipment. Cheers!


Move day-to-day activities out to your

deck. Include an outdoor kitchen with a grill, gas cooktop, and prep space. Or how about turning your deck into a pizzeria? You can use a built-in pizza oven to bake pizza, bread, pasta, chicken wings, appetizers, and more. Create an entertainment area with seating and an outdoor TV and audio system for a complete entertainment experience. Binge watching a favorite show under the stars? Priceless!


Don’t let Mother Nature keep you from fully enjoying your deck. A retractable awning protects from a passing shower and lets you go from full sun to full shade with the click of a button. Better yet, ask your builder to design a roof that will cover all

or part of your deck, or include a gazebo-like structure in your plans. Plus, you can mount outdoor fans in a covered area to help you stay cool in the stifling Texas summer heat.


Turn your deck into a cozy gathering spot as the temperature drops by including a fire pit or an outdoor

fireplace. With new developments in ignition-resistant and fire-retardant building materials, and by creating a no-burn zone beneath and around these features, you needn’t worry about your deck becoming instant kindling. (Remember to check with your local fire safety and building codes.) Consider installing wall, post, or ceiling-mounted heaters, which are typically infrared and electrically powered. They can be ideal solution if you wish to heat a larger area or have limited deck floor space.

Ready to get started? Choose a reputable contractor who will do the job right and stand by their work. Ask about 3D virtual deck design that enables you to visualize your dream deck before breaking ground.

Multilevel decks with built in storage space are on-trend, where different deck levels are dedicated to different functions. Make your multi-level deck night-friendly by including stair lighting in design. Think beyond the tiki torch, and add deck posts or pillars to hang festive string lights overhead.

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