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A Few Thoughts On Bedroom Decorating

All of us require a place for tranquil reflection. Your bedroom is, or should be, that special retreat. If your bedroom isn’t restful and restorative, then change it! If you share your bedroom with someone, work towards creating a mutually agreeable atmosphere of a welcoming hideaway from the outside world. Beauty and comfort can affect our mood, even our outlook on life, so creating spaces you enjoy may be more important than you think.

You’ll want to consider more than sleeping accommodations in arrangingyourbedroom. (Aquick tip: The head board should always be placed on one of the “focal” walls as you enter the room.) The bedroom invariably becomes the chosen place to accomplish those things that require privacy and solitude—reading a book, writing letters, pursuing your favorite hobby, just relaxing, or contemplating your plans for the next day.

So, for starters, how can you make the focal point of your room-- the bed--be interesting and unique? Upholstered headboards are a strong design trend, as well as being extremely comfortable for those who like to read in bed. They come in lots of styles and shapes in an unlimited number of fabric, leather, or faux-leather options, and great nail-head accents customize the look even more.

Once your furniture is in place, the fun part begins! The fabrics and accessories you select add your own personal stamp to the space. To dress your bed, custom bedding adds that luxurious touch. Particularly in the master bedroom,custom bedding will set your bed apart from the limited bedding options available as a “bed in a bag.” And who wants to endup with the same bedding in their master suite that their friends or neighbors have? Duvets, comforters, coverlets and throws, along witha variety of unique pillows are guaranteed to make your bed unique,and also make it take center stage in your room. Window treatments (be sure to consider privacy and light control), wall art, possibly a chaise or reading chair, a table for each person to place a drink (along with their reading glasses), and maybe a bench at the end of the bed (great for luggage or putting on shoes) can all work together to create the perfect bedroom retreat. And don’t forget the need for good reading light for all the bedrooms in your home, positioned at the correct height to cast light ontothe reader’s lap while reclined in bed.

When you’re ready to create that perfect getaway space, you may decide to seek the advice of an interior decorator. From furniture to window treatments, and from bedding to accessories, each component becomes an extremely important part of the whole—a puzzle if you will. Interior decorators are trained to work with you to make sure all those puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. Sweet dreams!

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