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Skincare's Newest Secret

Massage your way to younger, healthier skin

Creams, masks, lasers, and fillers—these days we have it all when it comes to facial treatments for younger looking skin. While facial massage might not yet be super common in western countries, it’s gaining momentum as a natural path to vibrant, firmer-looking skin—and it feels pretty good too.

Just like the muscles in your body, the muscles that support your face need to be relaxed, stimulated, and toned to keep your skin firm and lifted. And much like maintaining a workout routine, regular massage produces results. Stimulating the muscles in your face encourages blood flow to your skin, leaving it looking fresh and invigorated, and can stimulate collagen production which may help improve skin texture and fine lines. It can even address those pesky and uncomfortable seasonal allergies by relieving sinus pressure.

Not only will massage help your face look refreshed, but it will feel it as well! We carry a tremendous amount of tension in our facial muscles, which only enhances the appearance of wrinkles. Just like a good stretch after a long day, your face will thank you for some exercise and TLC.

Various types of facial massage target different problems. Lymphatic massage helps alleviate fluid retention in the face and reduces puffiness. Ayurvedic massage, using aromatic oils to soothe and de-stress, helps tone muscles, eliminate waste by improving lymphatic drainage from tissues, and may even improve energy levels. Shiatsu facial massage therapy uses fingertip pressure techniques to slow down the appearance of aging and improve skin tone. Geisha were famous for their beautiful facial skin and the Shiatsu technique has been credited as their secret for wrinkle-free skin, even in advanced age.

Buccal facial massage lifts facial muscles and reduces jaw tension to minimize wrinkles around the mouth. It goes a step further than other techniques by applying motion from both the outside and the inside, namely, through the mouth. In fact, the newest addition to Great Britain’s royal family, Meghan Markle, is known to use these treatments for radiant and plump skin! It’s worth looking into trying facial massage—check your local salons, massage places, and day spas and see what they offer.

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