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Go Green With Jeans


SEASONS COME AND GO, AND THE FASHIONS THAT ARRIVE WITH THEM. However, some traditions never change. Cotton and denim are considered consistent components that are central to our wardrobes. Denim’s durability makes it a staple in everyone’s closet that always stays in style.

A significant benefit of cotton and denim apparel is the sustainability of the materials, which can be recycled and reworked for a circular life of the fabric. At the height of fast fashion, consumers’ interest in pre-loved and thrifted items is increasing, as are brands that champion sustainable materials and practices.

Cotton Incorporated created the Blue Jeans Go GreenTM denim recycling program in 2006 as a call to action to recycle old denim and give it purpose by transforming it into something new.

Since 2006, retailers, universities, school groups, organizations, and individuals across America have contributed over 5.2 million pieces of denim and diverted over 2,630 tons from landfills.

Collected pieces of denim are transformed into creative new products, from insulating material for building efforts, pet bed inserts, thermal insulation used in sustainable food and pharmaceutical packaging, and more.

To learn more about how to recycle your denim and Cotton Incorporated’s programs, visit

Ways to Donate

Retailers & Events

Cotton Incorporated has partnered with multiple retailers, like Madewell, American Eagle, Rag & Bone, and more, as drop-off locations. Some even give you a credit towards a new denim purchase. Denim must be at least 90% cotton.

Recycle by Mail

Mail your denim for free, thanks to Zappos for Good.

Box It Up

Make sure it’s at least 90% cotton and has no hangers, tags, stickers, or plastic attached.

Print a Label

Create or log in to your Zappos account and print a shipping label to include with your denim.

Drop It Off

Take your box to your local UPS store (Continental U.S. shipping only), and they’ll take care of the rest.

Start a Community or School Denim Drive

Cotton Incorporated works with communities, students, teachers, parents, administrators, faculty members, and staff to organize denim drives in schools K-12, colleges, and universities. It’s a simple way to positively impact the earth while providing a learning opportunity.


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