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Heat Up The Holiday's

While the winter weather can be a drag, holiday parties make up for the boredom and bare trees. Whether with friends, family, or at the office, we all want to put our most fashionable foot forward. It doesn’t have to be difficult to look great! If you want to add something fun to your already perfect party ensemble or pick up something completely fresh for your New Year’s kiss, here are some winter style ideas that will melt the ice.


Animal prints are set to make a glamorous come back, and cruelty free options abound. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go full Jersey Shore and flaunt a head to toe ensemble. A pop of print here and there will definitely do the trick. A patterned scarf or faux leather printed handbag will add a bold twist to any outfit. Paired with a piece of glam gold statement jewelry, you’ll be taking your inner animal out for a walk!


Who says you can’t look fabulous while keeping warm? Plaid and tartan are staples for every cold weather season, and they’re not just for lumberjacks. A grey or neutral colored tartan blazer or pair of slacks will keep you both cozy and effortlessly classy. And with ‘80s nostalgia everywhere you look, don’t fear the power of shoulder pads. A little bit of structure on the shoulder can help contrast your feminine waistline and sharpen up any casual or dressy look.


What would the holidays be without a little glitz and glitter? To ensure you’ll shine like a star at your next family or company party, work a little magic with silvers. A pair of glossy silver shoes, bangles, and twinkling dangle earrings can add a nice cap to your favorite party outfit. If you want to really dazzle under the mistletoe, a blouse woven with metallic threads or tastefully beaded and bedazzled will do the trick.


Beachy waves have been on the hairstyle radar for a while, and it’s time to step it up for the holiday festivities. Full, lush hair is a sign of health and vibrancy, so breakout the mousse whether you have Rapunzel-esque locks or an itty bitty bob. Embracing the bedhead trend of the 2010s, ahead full of voluminous retro Hollywoodcurls with just enough tussle will give you a timeless but not overly done style.If straight hair is more your thing, try a center part with a little volume. Eithertied back in a half ponytail or paired with a headband, this flower-child hair style can help open up your face and instantly give you an airy, boho chic look.


To save your makeup from a panda-like situation, here are some life saving tips to keep it just the right amount of sultry. Overly dark colors, especially in the crease, can make your eyes appear sunken. Stick with nude and neutral colors instead of greys, and cool colors for a subtle but shimmering look. If it’s too light, you can always layer up. As pretty as they are in the palettes, shimmery shadows can make the thin skin around the eyes look crepey. Avoid covering your whole lid with shimmer and opt to add a dash on the inner corners. Forget the tight lining. Adding liner to the inside of your lid closes your eye off. Focus the darks on the outside and dab your rims with a light white liner to make them appear brighter.

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