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Get The Wrinkles Out

Beauty Boosting Options For This Holiday Season

We’re in the midst of the holiday season, and the air is buzzing with excitement, plus maybe a little uncertainty because, you know, the pandemic. One thing’s for sure, though, you want to look your best even if the holiday party circuit is thinned out or moves online this year.

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-care, but this holiday season, in particular, treating yourself is close to essential. Check out these powerful wrinkle smoothing treatments:

Botox By now, most people have heard of BOTOX and how it temporarily smooths out wrinkles and fine lines right at their source. You’ll have to endure a few injections in the target areas, but the needle is minuscule, so it’s doable, even if you hate getting shots. It takes one to five days to see results, and they can last for three months or more.

SkinPen SkinPen, also called microneedling, uses a pen-like device with multiple hair-like needles that gently glides over the skin on top of a layer of serum, erasing fine lines and promoting collagen production. The treatment takes about 30 minutes, and most people experience little to no downtime.

You’re likely to notice some localized redness resembling a sunburn and some minimal swelling. This can last two to four days, over which you shouldn’t wear makeup, so plan your appointment at least a week before any holiday festivities. After swelling and redness subside, you’ll notice an immediate result, with maximum results visible three to six months post-treatment, which can last up to a year.

Chemical Peel Chemical face peels use specially formulated chemical solutions to eliminate damaged skin and are typically available in light, medium, and deep strengths. A light peel will exfoliate your skin’s surface. But if you need help with wrinkles and age spots, opt for a medium or deep peel since those and other issues originate in the skin’s deeper layers.

The medium and deep peels require some downtime, so you’ll want to plan this a couple of weeks before any holiday engagements. These treatments are safe for almost all skin types and textures, but you may want to choose another option if you have extra sensitive skin.

Skincare Products Invest in medical-grade skincare products. Some formulations require a doctor’s prescription, but, with regular use, they result in an overall smoother texture and promote healthy skin cell turnover.

Whether you’re partying at home this year or sipping your champagne during an unconventional Zoom video party, you deserve to be beautiful.


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