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Great flooring not only enhances the appearance and value of your home, but its livability as well. With an ever growing list of possibilities, you can choose a flooring product that appeals to your sense of style without sacrificing appearance, durability, functionality, and maintainability.

Flooring products such as cork and bamboo are trendy for more reasons than their eco-friendly sustainability. Bamboo flooring has a chic, exotic look while needing little maintenance. And although it’s susceptible to scratches like traditional hardwood floors, bamboo can be refinished. Cork, taken from the bark of the cork oak tree, is considered easy to maintain with no wax. Other benefits include a cushioning effect under your feet, being sound resistant, and having natural insulation properties.

Reclaimed wood brings character and charm into your home along with a history that new and engineered wood just can’t match. Since there’s extra labor required to retrieve the wood, clean it, re-mill if needed, and remove nails that still maybe embedded, it’s not the least expensive product, but it is one of the most environmentally friendly options available.

Gone are the days of shiny, slippery tile floors. A wide array of styles and patterns are making tile more popular than ever. Mosaic tile, for example, comes in a variety of interesting shapes, including subway, small squares, chevron, and herring bone. Incredibly realistic wood look tile is a durable alternative to wood flooring, and is especially practical in areas that can get wet like the kitchen, bathroom, and mudroom or entry. Plus, many faux wood textures are anti-slip.

If you adore traditional hardwood, dark and cool toned flooring continues to pick up steam. As gorgeous as it looks, very dark hardwood can be challenging to keep clean and maintain. If you love the warmth of a dark floor, consider going a bit lighter with dark walnut or coffee brown to get the look you want with less hassle.

When it comes to versatility and low maintenance, it’s tough to beat modern luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl has made an impressive come back and you can find almost any type of color, size, and style of luxury vinyl even a hardwood look.

Love the luxurious feel of carpet under your feet? Have no fear! Low-pile carpets are easier to clean, soft, and resistant to odor. If you have pets and kids and are concerned about carpet maintenance, not to worry. Several manufacturers offer an advanced pet proof carpet with a stain, spill, and soil resistance treatment.

Whatever your lifestyle and flooring budget may be, find a trusted flooring provider with a good reputation who will work with you to understand your requirements, then recommend options that will meet your needs.

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