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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Written by the fourth-century philosopher Saint Augustine, these words ring as true today as when he wrote them. Most of us have friends and family who have caught the “travel bug,” which makes holiday gift-giving for them fun and relatively easy. From convenient gadgets to DIY travel books and handy items that make packing a snap, we’ve put together a list of gifts for the adventurers in your life, perfect for the holiday season or any time.


When you zip up a suitcase crammed with a jumble of clothes and other items, you know it could be a potential disaster zone when you unzip it at your destination. Packing cubes to the rescue! Lightweight, compression packing cube sets like the Pack-It Specter Tech Cube Set ($40) found on not only save space but help travelers stay organized.


Call it a sign of the times, but a handheld UV wand small enough to slip into a handbag or a pocket, such as Mobile Klean, is an ideal gift for travelers. Fast and easy to use, the UV light kills germs, viruses, and other contaminants, perfect for disinfecting airline trays, door handles, toilet seats, and other surfaces. Available at

BOOKS - Available online through retailers like Uncommon Goods and REI, She Explores is a coffee table book of photographs and the stories that go with them. It’s also a manual of sorts for outdoorsy gals that includes tips and advice for women planning solo trips. 10 Years a Nomad, written by Matt Kepnes, founder of Nomadic Matt, entertains with everything from hilarious stories to thoughtful, life- changing advice on traveling long-term.


Most of us travel with electronics, including smartphones, tablets, and cameras, all of which need to be charged. That’s why a portable charger, such as the Anker PowerCore 13,000, comes in handy. About the size of a thick credit card and with quick-charge technology, it can fully charge a smartphone up to three times. Available at Amazon and

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