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One of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make is to invest in yourself, and one of the easiest to keep is committing to medical-grade aesthetic procedures or plastic surgery.

All it takes to get started is deciding what you want to change or improve and then scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon and aesthetic team you trust. For inspiration, we’ve identified five popular services for the New Year to bring out the new you.


Looking naturally youthful versus “done” usually requires an individualized treatment plan that combines services to create the results you desire. For example, a facelift will address lax skin and wrinkles, and the results can last for years. But it won’t add youthful volume back into your cheeks, temples, or underneath your eyes or improve your skin tone and radiance. Combining a facelift with noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures can address all these issues and more.


Chances are, your life’s ambitions don’t include always wearing a ball cap, searching for hairstyles that might camouflage thinning hair, or wearing a hairpiece or wig. Now, you can do something about it without undergoing painful old-school hair replacement techniques that involve a substantial lateral scar across the back of your scalp. The minimally invasive Automated FUE (follicular unit extraction) process extracts follicles from areas where your hair is growing and transplants them into thin or balding spots. Results include a natural-looking hairline and a faster recovery.


Pregnancy, weight gain loss, and aging take a toll on a woman’s body. We’re often left with saggy skin, stubborn pockets of fat, and overall changes in body shape that diet and exercise alone can’t correct. If you’re ready to get your sexy back, consult with an experienced plastic surgeon about a Mommy Makeover. The set of procedures used to sculpt your body may include a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and more. If you’re wondering if a Mommy Makeover is worth it, according to RealSelf’s regularly updated patient reviews, 95% of patients say yes.


Do you find yourself correcting the shape of your nose with picture editing software after taking a selfie? Or, with age, have you noticed that your nose appears different than it used to? Whatever your concern, rhinoplasty in the hands of a gifted plastic surgeon will sculpt your nose to fit your facial structure. Depending on your needs, it can also make breathing through your nose much easier.


Some things don’t age well, including tattoos. It’s reported that one in four Americans regrets a tattoo. If you’re one of the millions of people who wish they could erase a tattoo, you’re in luck. New-generation lasers can remove tattoos of the most common colors, clearing pigments efficiently and effectively.


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