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Creating a Striking First Impression with a Memorable Front Door

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Just as you choose the right outfit, hairstyle, and makeup for meeting new people, you also want your home to put its proverbial best foot forward when entertaining guests, neighbors, or colleagues. The first step in this first impression is a front door to be proud of!


The best front doors often come with a professional touch. Whether that means a custom door crafted of iron, reclaimed barn wood, or beveled glass, making your mark with a signature front door shows not only your style but your personality.

Start with your budget, keeping in mind that once you change your front door, you may also choose to change all other exterior doors to match, as well. Build a budget with long-term planning in mind so that you can upgrade the entire exterior look of your home if you choose to do so later.

Although big box stores carry a wide range of products and employ professional door hangers, a custom door contractor may be able to give you ideas for your exterior that

you’ve not yet considered, such as garage door replacement or approach alterations. You will want to leave the installation to a professional. Improper door installation can lead to crooked door panels, squeaking and creaking, difficult operation, and floor damage.


Pinterest and Google browsing are good ways to find ideas for the look you want, but the best way to determine what you’re looking for is to take it to the streets. Drive neighborhoods you admire and take photographs of doors that stand out to you. By compiling the images, you’ll see a clear trend in what you prefer, and then you can take those images to either your custom door contractor or to your retailer.

Choosing natural stained wood, a customized paint color, or something unique like iron, glass, or a combination of materials will set your front door apart.

In addition, think about not only what you can see from the street, but also what you see from inside the house. Doyouwanttobeabletoseeoutof your front door, or is a solid door preferred? Keeping heat out and

blocking a bright afternoon sun may be ideal, or perhaps you have a north- facing front door and would like all the light you can get. Think through all the angles before making your purchase.


The hardware to the door can be just as important as the materials that comprise the door itself. Choosing a solid lock can also be beautiful. Although traditional locksets are both beautiful and functional, you may want to investigate the changes in lock technology before settling for a traditional lock, such as a code- locking door or a lockset that is easy to re-key in the case of a break-in or lost key.

Another option is a keyless home entry system. They might seem complex, but are becoming more and more common. Smartphone technology can be used to connect your home security to Siri, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant. Smart locks can also track who comes and goes from your home around the clock, which is important if you have teenagers at home, or you would like to monitor workers in your home while you are out of town.

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