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5 Minute Summer Makeup

Summer is a time to simplify. Forgo the heavy, ingredients-laden meals of winter for simple salads and garden-fresh veggies. Forget the layers, boots, and scarves in lieu of cotton dresses and sandals. Yourmorning makeup routine should be simplified too, with natural-looking dewy skin and natural-lookingshades on eyes and lips.

  • Tinted Moisturizer—Kick heavy foundation to the curb and let more of your natural skin show through with a tinted moisturizer, such as Olay Total Effects. Start with less than you think you’ll need and only add if you need to, so your skin still looks dewy and not as covered.

  • Serum-basedConcealer—If you have uneven spots, follow with a serum-based concealer such as Bare Minerals. Dot it on lightly, under eyes, around the nose, on any blemishes, and anywhere you need a bit of extra coverage.

  • Cheek Gel—Add a bit of color to brighten your face. Try Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm by Clinique applied to the apple of your cheek. And remember, less is more.

  • Brow Gel—Tame those summer eyebrows with a brow gel such as Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Gel. Let it sit, while you do the next three steps, before you pencil in your brows.

  • Eyelash Curler—Not everyone needs an eyelash curler, but if you do, Shu Uemura on each eye for about 10 seconds can get your lashes up and out, before you apply your mas- cara for bigger, brighter eyes.

  • Mascara—Chances are you already have a mascara you love. Just remember to keep it light and natural looking during summer, never clumpy and thick.

  • Eyeliner—Some women prefer an eyeliner pencil but a liquid applicator such as Lancome Artliner gives you good control for a subtle look. Create a dotted line between lashes at the base then connected the dots for a line that makes your eyes pop.

  • BrowPencil—Now you’re ready to pencil in your brows. Remember to begin with less and keep it subtle. You can always darken, if you need to.

  • Lipcolor—Here’s a great summer makeup tip. Before applying your lipstick, apply a salve such as Aquaphor ora chapstick you like. Then your lips stay dewy and your lipstick goes on more like a stain than a heavy coat of color.

Remember, summer makeup shouldn’t cover your skin or mask your natural look. It should enhance it.

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