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Patriotic Party Perfection

Planning a get-together this summer? Whether it’s your first foray into hosting or you’re already a party pro, you’ll need to remember these essentials.


Making guests feel comfortable starts with a friendly and early invitation. Do it by mail, phone, evite, or instant message depending on how you typically communicate with the invitee. Send out a reminder and get a tentative headcount so you can plan appropriately. On the day of your gathering, be sure to give each guest a warm welcome with a hug, smile, or other nice greeting. Show them where to find beverages, food, the restroom, and any activities.

2. MIX

It’s no secret that people like to nibble on delicious snacks and sip drinks while socializing. Have some things ready, either appetizers or a meal. Of course, serve a selection of beverages for guests of all ages. Try sticking with the patriotic theme by using an array of red, white, and blue colored or flavored sodas. Add fresh strawberries and blueberries for effect, and perhaps a bit of something a little more grown up for the adults.

Once the drinks are mixing, make sure your guests are too. Introduce people who have not met and help them find something in common. For those who are acquainted, let them know where to find each other.


Now that your guests have been greeted and settled in, it’s time to keep the energy alive. Turn up the music, perhaps a playlist you created in advance. Keep the food and beverages stocked. Then, bust out some fun party activities. Here are a few ideas just right for the Fourth of July.

• Baseball: Hey, it is America’s favorite pastime. Set up a diamond in your backyard and start a friendly game.

• Photo fun: Prepare a perfect photo backdrop for selfies or group shots and provide props like Abe Lincoln hats, Lady Liberty torches, bald eagles, and American flags.

• History trivia: Make a list of facts about our nation and challenge guests to a rousing round of quizzes.

If your location allows, find everyone a good seat for nearby fireworks shows. And finally, be sure to make time to relax and enjoy your party too!

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