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In a day and age where we’re constantly on the go, ways to make our lives easier and more comfortable are always welcome. Fortunately, you need look no further than your own abodeto help improve your quality of life.


Muggy summers and dry winters don’t have to wreak havoc on your personal comfort or your home. Check out whole-house dehumidifiers and humidifiers that integrate with your HVAC system. Dehumidifiers can save money on air conditioning costs by making you more comfortable at higher temperatures with lower humidity. And you can conveniently pipe them to a drain, so you never have to empty a tray or reservoir.

A whole-house humidifier during dry winter months not only makes your home more comfortable, it may reduce the likelihood of respiratory infections and allergy and asthma symptoms by minimizing the formation of bacteria and viruses, fungi, and dust mites. It can also help preserve natural wood floors, cabinetry, and furnishings.


Love to cook? If you frequently prepare foods that require water, install a fold away faucet on the wall above your stove. No more carrying or sliding heavy pots from the sink to the stove. And if you have deep lower cabinets, install pull out shelves to make pots and pans more easily accessible (and add some soft-close attachments for extra niceness).

Calling all small kitchen appliance junkies! Add a couple of big, deep drawers in the kitchen for storage. No room in your current cabinetry configuration? Think outside the box. You may, for example, convert a rarely used breakfast nook into a handy appliance storage space.


Even if you have a small closet, a closet organization system can help you maximize space and improve organization. And don’t just reserve these tools for bedroom closets. Any closet in your home can benefit.

If your laundry space is small, the addition of a simple over the washer/dryer folding station (a counter on top of your machines) and a wall mountable, extending drying rack can make a huge difference. Or install a laundry guard to keep laundry from falling behind or off the sides of your front loading washer or dryer. If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated laundry room with some space, plan an organization system that will streamline, simplify, and help de-stress your laundry activities.


Have a pool with a simple floodlight or other basic pool lighting? Consider upgrading to LED lights. They are more energy efficient than traditional options, and an easy way to transform an ordinary pool into an eye-catching backyard oasis. LED lights can be installed below the water or anywhere in the pool area and come in different colors.

If your pool is older, other upgrades to consider include robotic cleaners, automatic pool covers, and all-in-one pool automation systems, some of which can be controlled through a smartphone.

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