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Holiday CHEER



While there are plenty of seasonal events to enjoy around town, the most magical moments happen right at home. Here are some ideas that are sure to make your holidays merry and bright.

Get creative. Try your hand at crafting a wreath for your front door, painting some ornaments, or designing homemade holiday cards. Hold a gingerbread-decorating contest for individuals or teams if you’re hosting out-of-town guests.

Trim a tiny tree. Even if your tree is already fully adorned, you can still have fun decorating mini spruces. Give each family member a small tree from your local arts and crafts store and invite them to create a theme for decorating it.

Deck the doors. For another festive activity for the whole family, use regular or homemade wrapping paper to adorn your door. Add a finishing touch with ribbons and bows.

Settle in for movie night. Whether your crew loves It’s a Wonderful Life , Home Alone , Elf , or another holiday film, relaxing with a beloved movie is a great way to bond.

Hold a holiday photo shoot. When your house is already decked out, make the most of it by snapping some fun pics. Get your crew all gussied up in their holiday best or let everyone wear their favorite PJs and fuzziest socks. Pose in front of the crackling fireplace or create your own backdrop with a cozy throw on the couch.

Gear up for holiday game night. Pour some mugs of hot apple cider and gather your family around the table for game night. You could play anything from a classic board game to holiday charades.

Design your own wrapping paper. Have some brown kraft paper or a roll of white freezer paper? Turn it into custom wrapping paper with art, lettering, or embellishments like stickers or cutouts.

Create a DIY hot cocoa bar. Kids and adults can help themselves at an interactive hot cocoa station. Mix up a big batch of hot chocolate and set out all the tasty toppings, from marshmallows to peppermint sticks. Snuggle up with a story. Wind down from a busy day by reading a seasonal classic or a family favorite to your kids or grandkids.

Whether it’s a sprinkle-filled shindig for your kids or a more grown-up soiree for your friends, we have some quick tips to make your cookie-decorating party unforgettably festive and fun.

• Pick a theme like a winter wonderland with snowflakes and snowmen or follow a red and white color scheme with pops of green or gold.

• If you’re hosting a party for kids, encour age them to attend in their favorite holiday pajamas. Invite adults to wear holiday-themed sweaters.

• Gather your themed décor and supplies, including frosting, sprinkles, piping bags, wax paper, and take-home boxes for guests.

• Make or buy your cookies. Aim for each attendee to have 6 to 8 cookies to decorate.

• The day before your party, prepare your space by tidying up and laying down dis posable table cloths or wax paper.

• On cookie-decorating day, set the scene by switching on twinkling lights and turning up the holiday tunes.

• Frost, glaze and adorn your confections. Just be sure to let decorated cookies set for at least an hour before boxing them up.

• Get into the spirit of the season by assem bling cookie care packages and delivering them to senior centers, fire stations, or shelters.


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