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THINK OUTSIDE the cabinet



No matter how cramped and cluttered your living space may be, you can almost always find a spot or two for extra storage. It’s often just a matter of getting creative and utilizing a few clever solutions. Consider these simple ideas to create some extra space in oft-used rooms:


  • Metal rods with hanging hooks can create storage space on your blank walls. Use them to hang coffee cups, cooking utensils, dish towels, or pots and pans.

  • Magnetic strips mounted on the wall or the inside of a cabinet door can be a simple way to hang knives and free up counter space normally taken up by a knife block.

  • If your countertop is cluttered with small spice containers and oil bottles, elevate them on a shelf or with a decorative cake stand. Place small jars below and top with pretty decanters and additional spices.

  • If you’re using prime cabinet space for items you only use once a year, such as holiday cake pans or a big serving bowl you pull out for parties, consider storing them in the attic or a closet instead.


  • Instead of hanging just one towel bar on the back of the bathroom door, hang multiple to maximize your drying space.

  • Most modern cabinetry has adjustable shelving. If you haven’t customized the heights of your shelving to accommodate different sized bottles and containers, give it a try.

  • A small basket might seem perfect for the office or pantry, but it’s also handy for storing bathroom essentials beside the sink.

  • Jars, flour, and sugar canisters can also be repurposed in the bathroom to keep makeup, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and soaps contained.


  • Nix those nightstands and hang small shelves on either side of the bed. This cuts down on the clutter you can keep and makes cleaning underneath a breeze. Use a basket as a side table to store items out of sight, or add a low console to the end of the bed for additional storage and decor.

  • Rolling bins that fit under the bed are perfect for storing linens, out-of-season clothing, and children’s toys. They’re also the perfect way to slide building block projects out of sight without destroying your child’s latest masterpiece.

  • Closets with a single hanging rod are one of the biggest space-wasters in the bedroom. Double their storage capacity by hanging a second rod or shelf below shorter jackets and shirts. Find more ideas to maximize your space at


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