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Divine Dysfunction

When I first met Judy Kennedy, I would have never guessed the confident, attractive, articulate woman was a true trophy of God’s grace. I had the privilege of hearing her testimony a few weeks later from a traumatic childhood to tumultuous teen years, God rescued her and anointed her for full time ministry. As she often states, “What the enemy meant for my harm, God used for my good.” Now, Judy is releasing her life story in a book entitled, Holy Crap. Here’s a preview of her story:

Having been raised in a home with six children and a severely alcoholic father, I experienced extreme dysfunction in a family. Many nights we feared his arrival, and often my mom would sneak my siblings and me out a back window and take us to a run down motel for the night. That life experience has given me the ability to work with and minister to children of alcoholics and victims of domestic violence.

At the age of 14 I was raped, abused, and tormented by a young man who was my “first date.” His abuse continued for more than six months. Shortly thereafter, I was connected with a “counselor” in a church who was supposed to help me through that traumatic experience. Instead he began to groom me to have a relationship with him. Though he was married, he controlled every aspect of my life sexually, mentally, and physically and abused me both inside and outside of the church. This went on for over five years until in desperation, I went to the pastor [my pastor] for help. Rather than help, the pastor admitted that he knew all along what had been transpiring and offered no sympathy or reprimand to the offender. While these life experiences were devastating, God has used them to open doors to help others. I speak at schools and conferences, teaching young women to respect themselves and to recognize abusive boys/men and avoid risky behavior. I speak into the lives of pastors and staff members regarding safe guarding their churches against child predators.

A few years later I met and married the love of my life and we had our first child, Zac. He passed away at only 14 months with a heart condition. God walked me through that very challenging season of grief and inspired me to write a small book to help young mothers who experience the loss of a child. Now, Zac’s story is placed in “Angel Packets” to go home with mothers at Children’s Hospital when they have to deal with death.

The enemy’s plan was to take me out. God’s plan is to use my life to minister to broken people. The pain I’ve experienced has awakened a determination to spend the rest of my life making my enemy regret he ever messed with me!

Judy is the co-pastor of Mustang Creek Community Church in Forney, Texas. She and her husband, Robert, and their grown daughters, Stacy and Kaylee, minister full time in the church, in their community, and beyond. The sincere devotion they have to follow Christ and live Biblical values in not only inspiring, but it is making a difference. Judy is a trophy of God’s grace, and with her husband, has produced a righteous legacy. God’s redeeming love and restorative abilities never cease to amaze me.

To connect with Judy Kennedy, email her at Look for her new book, Holy Crap, online at and also at

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