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Head-Turning Trends In Men's Grooming

Except for an inexplicable perm craze back in the 80s, men used to get by with a quick shave, washing their hair with whatever was on hand, and running a comb through it. Maybe they’d use a product or two to tame their locks or soften their beard before shaving. Enter the 21st century and everything changed. Stubble— once considered a look of the unkempt—became fashionable, followed by a variety of facial hair trends that run the gamut from beards of all styles, sideburns, and goatees to clean shaven.

Today, almost anything goes, including blasts from the past such as handlebar mustaches, as long as it appears groomed and purposeful. Along with this, a variety of facial hair sculpting and trimming technologies have been developed and a bevy of specialized men’s hair and grooming products have appeared. So, too, have barbershops, and they aren’t the kind your grandfather went to. Barbershops have undergone a complete metamorphosis from “old guy” places offering the basics to sleek, upscale salons.

Men of all ages are flocking to them and in case you haven’t noticed, Dallas is where it’s at lately on the high end barbershop scene.The modern barbershop has restored the artistry of “old school barbering” and takes it to the next level. In addition to a straight razor shave and a personalized precision haircut, multistep warm towel service is a popular option. And once again, this isn’t the towel your grandfather experienced. Skin enhancing products are applied then a “hot” towel infused with aromatic essential oils is placed over the face to soften the beard, improve and detox the skin, and invigorate the soul before shaving. Think of it as a mini facial. Manly beverages such as bourbon and scotch are offered versus the mimosas found at salons that cater to women. Many luxury barbershops include services such as mani-pedis, massage, and eyebrow trimming and waxing. Unibrows or long, stray, wiry brow hairs are a no-no. Waxing for the chest, arms, and legs may be offered as well.

And how do women feel about their men indulging in these pampering services? Let’s just say this—there’s nothing more appealing and easier on the eye than a well groomed man!

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