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Playing Around

Get creative when creating practical and personal spaces for your children

By: Courtney Warren

Life with kids is an amazing adventure. From the moment you unpack the first baby shower gifts, children’s items begin to spill out into your spaces and transform them into a mess.The question is, can our homes be kid-friendly without sacrificing every last square foot to their things? I vote yes.

BREAK WITH TRADITIONAL THINKING My clients decided that the best use of two bedrooms was to turn one into a shared bedroom for their daughters and the other into a designated play space for them. The girls love the cheery turquoise and magenta palette, the curtain-draped dollhouse beds, and the sweet accessories that reflect their love for horses. Another design choice that packed a punch was the plain wall that was transformed into a field of flowers.

The shared playroom features bold floral wallpaper, a “Sisters” marquee sign, a fun teepee and dollhouse that offer lots of opportunities for imaginative play, and a storage bench and console to help corral the girls’ toys.

GET CREATIVE You might be saying, “This is great if I have dedicated areas, but what if I have to incorporate the kids’ activities in found spaces around my home? Creativity is the key!

GET PERSONAL When designing kid spaces, get the most bang for your buck by choosing a look that will grow with them. Get their input, then implement their preferences with the future in mind.

Another client wanted a ballet studio for their daughter but didn’t have an obvious room. We found space on an empty wall and dreamed up the brick accent to give the “studio” that old-school look. Just add a supersize mirror and barre — done.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER Courtney Warren is a Waxahachie interior designer whose award-winning work has been featured in numerous national magazines and media and whose clients span the North Texas area. She believes, “You deserve a beautiful home you can be proud of, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.”


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