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Restorative Retreats

Where to wander in search of wellness—all within state lines

By Samantha Gluck

There are a few reasons you could probably benefit from a wellness retreat. You can’t go wrong with chasing wellness, and we can all use a few days away from the usual every now and then. You can pay more attention to yourself than your surroundings. And lastly, anything that has “treat” in the title can’t be that bad.

But what, exactly, is a wellness retreat?

Wellness retreats are typically tucked away in tranquil, secluded spaces, often surrounded by natural scenery. This provides guests with the perfect setting to leave the overwhelming demands of their lives behind. A retreat director and specialized experts guide participants in various activities during their stay.

Wellness retreats are about more than simply helping guests relax and attain an overall feeling of inner peace. Whatever your particular interest or personal concern, it’s likely there’s a retreat that addresses it with exquisite precision. In fact, our fair state boasts a diverse selection of retreats, including yoga retreats, spa retreats, silent retreats, retreats for couples, and ones focused on fitness, spirituality, self-discovery, and yes, even silence.

In addition to the calmness and relaxation that inherently flow from almost any retreat, you’ll experience tailor-made learning sessions, workshops, and adventures in line with your unique interests.

Wellness Texas style

If you’re feeling like you need a break, you can find some fantastic wellness retreats right here in Texas:

Rancho Cortez Fitness Ranch.

Located in Bandera, you can get a workout the Texas way with horseback riding, hikes, campfire meditations, and a variety of other dude ranch activities. (

Retreat in the Pines.

This women-only retreat sits nestled in the Piney Woods near Mineola. The beautiful hideaway features yoga, meditation, and detox sessions. No experience is necessary to join in on the fun. (

Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort.

Unwind and relax with a halo therapy salt cave inhalation session. You will also learn about holistic skincare and how to keep skin healthy at home. Located in Boerne, the scenery is gorgeous and the pampering world class. (

Montserrat Retreat House.

If you’ve never experienced a silent retreat, this may be just the getaway for you. You’ll learn about spiritual meditation in the Ignatian tradition during this silent, screenless retreat on the shores of Lake Dallas. (

J.W. Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa.

This resort accommodates the entire family with quiet, full-service pampering for adults and guided kid-centered fitness and outdoor activities for the younger set. Enjoy hot stone massage, an adult-only pool with bistro service, fitness classes, and beautiful natural surroundings. (

Lake Austin Spa Resort.

If you’re looking for an overall holistic and luxurious wellness retreat, this place offers an intimate setting with water views, world-class cuisine, and a large selection of courses to help you live your best life. (

Where Wellness and Retreat Meet

Still on the fence about the value of a wellness retreat? Consider these seven reasons why it may be your perfect getaway:

Zero planning for you. Retreats are usually all-inclusive—that means food, activities, workshops, and everything else is planned out for you.

Meet like-minded people. Those on retreat with you will share your concerns and interests.

Secluded, calm environment. The serene setting and natural surroundings encourage you to unwind and relax.

Say bye to your daily routine. The sameness and hustle of your day to day will melt away.

Expert guidance. You’ll have access to experts who conduct training, workshops, counseling, and more.

Less expensive. Retreats can often cost less than a traditional planned vacation.

Lasting benefits. All retreat activities and accommodations are designed to work together to help you achieve your unique goals.


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