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Life is hectic. Despite the myriad of technological innovations designed to simplify our lives, it’s still common to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out. It’s no wonder that an increasing number of people are turning to activities like yoga and Tai Chi in search of better health and peace of mind. But there’s an additional time-honored practice worth exploring called Qi Gong (pronounced chee gung).

Accessible to individuals of almost every age and physical condition, Qi Gong incorporates a comprehensive approach to self-awareness through coordinated body positions, intentional breathing, and slow, mindful movements. While it may resemble Tai Chi at first glance, Qi Gong generally involves gentler and less complex movements, making it simpler to learn and integrate into your daily life.


At the heart of Qi Gong is the belief in Qi (or Chi), a vital life force that flows through pathways known as meridians, vitalizing all living things. This concept, dating back millennia to ancient China, posits that a harmonious flow of Qi sustains health and vitality, while disturbances or obstructions can lead to ill health. Through focused attention, gentle movements, and regulated breathing, Qi Gong encourages the beneficial flow of Qi, aiding in balance and vitality and alleviating stress. It also offers a chance to pause and reconnect with one’s inner self.


Qi Gong’s adaptability makes it a convenient and flexible option for mind- body exercise, practicable in almost any setting. For those preferring in-person instruction, a quick online search can reveal local Qi Gong sessions. Many studios that offer Tai Chi and yoga now also provide Qi Gong classes.

The online community for Qi Gong is thriving, with a wide array of classes available at various levels from numerous instructors, including many free video classes. Beginners can sample different videos to find the styles and teachers that resonate most with them. For instance, Qi Gong Master Lee Holden provides a free two-week trial with five complimentary classes on Holden Qigong, while Jeffery Chand has a free seven-minute beginner routine to stimulate Qi. Kseny Gray offers a broad selection of free YouTube classes, and her membership program includes live-streamed sessions.

My spouse and I discovered that starting our day with 10-minute Qi Gong sessions every other day was an ideal introduction. We were amazed at how quickly we began to feel more vibrant and noted a significant improvement in our balance and energy levels. As we became more adept at the forms and breathing techniques, we increased our practice to daily morning sessions and added a more extended routine in the early evening. The positive impact has been so profound that we’re thinking about attending a week-long Qi Gong retreat.


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