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Finding the perfect dog breed for your family

Whether you are looking for a best friend for your kids or a fur-baby for you and your significant other to spoil, dogs will steal your heart! As much as we’d love to bring them all home, it’s important to know which breed will suit your family best before taking the plunge. Here are just a few of the many options available when looking for the right breed for your family’s needs.

Every animal is an individual and will behave according to its nature, but different breeds have unique temperaments. Start by reading about them to compare traits and narrow down what type of dog will be a good fit for your family. Once you have determined your potential furry family member, introduce him or her to the family as a group and one-on-one before making a final decision.

Puppies are often chosen for their cuteness factor and because they have time to grow with you, but there are a lot of lovely mature dogs in shelters, including purebreds and mixed breeds, that also need homes. The good thing about adopting an adult dog is that you might get a better idea of its developed personality.

There are so many breeds to love, but no dog list would be complete without the Golden Retriever. Both energetic and gentle giants, retrievers are great companions for families with infants or small children. Golden Retrievers are extroverts and thrive around attention and engagement, therefore perfect for larger families. It is no surprise that they rank at the top of the list among service dogs as well. A family member with special needs of any age can find this dog’s patience and kind disposition comforting and helpful.

or families with older children or an outdoorsy streak, an Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Blue Heeler, is an excellent addition. They are friendly, intelligent, and loyal to the people they know but have a rowdy side when it comes to playtime. Athletic and always in the mood to play, this is an excellent dog for active families ready to provide mental and physical stimulation to a pet. The breed may take a bit more work to train. However, this creates a great opportunity for older children to learn responsibility, patience, and time management.

The French Bulldog has a muscular, compact body and big personality. Known for turning on the charm, Frenchies are relatively low energy but not total couch potatoes. A walk around the block and ball toss at the dog park is generally enough to keep them satiated. Sensitive, a bit stubborn, and amiable, they are a charming family addition that doesn’t require rigorous exercise or maintenance. Bonus points for them being a relatively quiet breed, although there are exceptions.

Basset Hounds are low maintenance, easy-going companions. Usually peaceful and laid-back, Basset Hounds can get along with children and adults of all ages. They are often food motivated and not as active as other breeds, though, with their hunting background, they do love ample room and time to roam safely. This also gives them a bit of an independent streak. Since they may be happy to lay about with their humans and snooze the day away, it is best to give them moderate exercise to stave off weight gain and health issues.


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