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The Uncluttered Life

Have More With Less

By Meredith Knight

We’ve all heard the adage, “Less is more”. Clients of one local mother-daughter firm are living that philosophy first hand and now teaching it to others. The Uncluttered Life®, a local home organizing company, transforms their client’s lives from overwhelming to effortless by helping them get organized and stay that way. Clients often report feeling calmer, happier, more productive, and more energized—even sleeping better.

Long before Marie Kondo was a household name, Cathy and Danica were living clutter-free lives and learning the importance of keeping only things that had meaning to them. A natural gift for creating functional, clutter-free spaces, Cathy went on to train in Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method®, eventually becoming one of only 50 people worldwide to achieve the distinction of Master KonMari Organizer.

Together with her designer daughter, Danica, they now combine the KonMari organizing style with other proven methods to create the Re:Method, a custom solution for each client. “Each person has different needs,” Danica said. “We work with each client individually to create a comprehensive solution that works for their unique needs and lifestyle.”

Hiring a professional organizer might seem like a luxury. On the contrary, Cathy says that your organizational system is the foundation for your life. Without it, life is overwhelming, chaotic and more work than it needs to be. “Studies show people living in cluttered or unorganized homes are stressed and exhausted,” Cathy said. “Our mission is to empower clients to break that cycle, so that they can live their lives without that burden.”

“Our goal is to help clients focus on the present, rather than getting bogged down in the past,” Danica said. “There’s a heaviness that goes along with owning things that no longer fit or work for you and are just taking up space. We feel blessed to help clients streamline their lives so they feel less overwhelmed and can focus on the things that make them happy.”

Cathy comes to the table with two Masters degrees and Danica with a degree in visual studies from UC Berkeley, with a focus on art. They could have chosen many career paths. “We chose organizing because we believe in it,” Cathy said. “We’ve seen it change lives for the better.”

Danica endears herself to clients with her unique talent for finding and combining high-end and inexpensive items and achieving a designer look that’s unique to each client, capturing the essence of the person, home, or style in a seemingly effortless way.

In addition to in-home and bespoke organizing projects, The Uncluttered Life® offers a six-month and 12-month subscription service that teaches clients how to organize their own homes. Whether it’s your entire home or just problem areas such as the pantry or bedroom closet, their subscription service includes one-on-one monthly sessions to keep you on track. “We’ll teach you how to execute the process and maintain your home with life-long skills,” said Danica.

Book your free 30-minute consultation by visiting Follow on Instagram @the_ uncluttered_life for tips and tricks.


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